The refuge provides accommodation for 80 people. The beds are split into 6 rooms. The rooms at the hut are all dormitories. We recommend the use of a sheet sleeping bag is mandatory for hygienic reasons.


The food is simple and hearty - from the mountaineer‘s menu to the typical swiss cheese toast, rösti& Co. Particularly appreciated are the rösti, prepared by the host, made with fresh potatoes. In the evening we serve a tasty menu for all the guests.

Prizes by category

  • A: CHF 69.00 - SAC member
  • B: CHF 57.50 - J+S member
  • C: CHF 80.00 - Nonmember older than 18
  • D: CHF 63.50 - teens from 7 to 17
  • E: CHF 59.50 - Groups of 10 teens and more of 7-17 years
  • E1: CHF 34.50 - children under 6 years


Annulations are only possible by phone +41 27 967 13 54 and till the previous evening. For allergy sufferers, vegeterians etc. we gladly prepare a customized evening menu. This must be ordered in advance by phone at the hut.